Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which we hear a lot about these days,
refers to the only digital assets that cannot be replaced by anything due to using blockchain.
Not long ago, when it was called virtual currency, you may have thought it was still a distant thing.

Nowadays, trading card-type NFTs such as "NBA Top Shot," "BABY METAL,"
"SKE48," Etc., are getting popular.

Our mission is to define NFT as a valuable way to cheer idols or celebrities.
With this in mind, we’re creating many kinds of NFTs.

You can use NFT without being aware of any difficult technology.

Because it is on the blockchain,
the NFTs you have collected cannot be tampered with or duplicated.
Therefore, it can be said that having an NFT is complete ownership of the data.

You can prove your history of supporting your faves,
and you can also operate and accumulate points.
TTX believes that this is the new way of cheering in the age of the blockchain.



This is a new form of cheering up for your faves with NFT. We have already received comments from fans that they feel closer to the performers compared to other services. As we expand the service in the future, we will make the performers and events more fun and powerful. Please keep your eyes on us.

Corporate basic information

Corporate name CoVR CO., LTD.
Head office location 4-17-4, YOTSUGI
KATSUSHIKA-KU, 13 124-0011